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Simplify your recruiting process and get your time back

Partner with the Munayyer Group to hire the right supply chain and technology talent

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Simplify your recruiting process and get your time back

Partner with the Munayyer Group to hire the right supply chain and technology talent

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Simplify your recruiting process and get your time back

Partner with the Munayyer Group to hire the right supply chain and technology talent

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We’ve been in your seat trying to manage job posts, sort through resumes, schedule interviews, etc., and much of it is a waste of your time. Our hands-on approach delivers exceptional results including a 98% acceptance rate of offers made and a 3-year retention rate over 90%. We pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge, our vast network, our rigorous vetting process, and our customized solutions that save you time in finding the right talent for the position and for the company.

Trust the Munayyer Group for an exceptional executive recruiting experience that fuels your organization's success.

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    Placed over 400 with a 98% acceptance rate.

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    Shortened the recruiting cycle to 27 days on average.

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    Built great teams with a 3-year retention rate of 90%

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    Helped more than 50 supply chain and tech companies find the right talent.

Finding the right talent takes time that you don’t have.

Posting jobs and sorting through applications is no fun. Stop wasting precious time.
Get back to the more critical aspects of growing your company.

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Listen and Understand Your Needs

We understand that every client is unique and that needs may vary. That's why we take the time to listen to you, get to know your team, understand your business and focus on your specific requirements. We'll work closely with you to identify the key traits, skills, and experience that your ideal candidate should possess while respecting your time.


Advise Through Onboarding

Once we've identified and vetted the best candidates from our vast network, we'll present these candidates for your consideration. Each candidate profile will include detailed information including their skills, experience, intangibles and why we believe they're a great fit for your organization.


Identify and Vet Top Talent

Using our vast network and precision search methodology, we'll identify the best candidates for your organization. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that every candidate we present is the right fit for your needs. We'll assess their skills, experience, cultural fit, and other relevant factors to ensure an ideal candidate is selected.


Present Top Candidates

We'll also work closely with you to schedule interviews and provide feedback after each interview to ensure that you're confident in your decision-making process. We will be your guide through the offer, the acceptance and through the onboarding process.

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We’re committed to create
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Why choose us

Exceptional recruiting solutions that boost your bottom line

  • Logistics and technology focus

  • A decade of niche experience

The Munayyer Group has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Our thorough vetting process ensures only the best candidates make it to the final interview, resulting in a 98% acceptance rate of offers made.

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Frequently asked questions

A hands-on approach to executive recruiting

How do you help companies source ideal candidates?

We LISTEN. We work hard to understand the current state and desired state of the specific team and the business overall. We cultivate and present a talent selection that will allow them to meet their goals and vision.

How do you help potential candidates identify their next opportunity?

We LISTEN. We are constantly investing time into relationship building with the industries best talent and understanding what is important to them in their careers. From the time an opportunity is introduced to a candidate, they understand they have a coach and advisor in their corner. We will hold their hand through the interview process all the way through offer discussions and onboarding.

What makes your firm different from all other recruiting firms?

The Munayyer Group has been building relationships in the Logistics and Technology space for over 10-years. We are embedded in the fabric of this industry. We have placed your perfect candidate many times before. We are an advisor in the industry. We know about changes in the industry, M&A activity, and so on before it happens.

Our rigorous vetting process ensures
exceptional results for your business