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The logistics industry is facing a potential labor shortage as a large portion of the warehouse workforce nears retirement age, according to an article in Supply & Demand Chain Executive. With 42% of current warehouse workers over 40 years old, companies need to act quickly to recruit younger employees like those in Gen Z.

However, a recent survey by Soter Analytics found that 45% of Gen Zers don’t understand what industrial and logistics workers actually do. This lack of awareness, combined with persisting stigmas about these types of roles being unsafe or lacking growth opportunities, means Gen Z is largely overlooking logistics careers.

The survey did reveal one major way companies can appeal to Gen Z’s interests – by embracing new workplace technologies. A full 33% of Gen Zers reported wanting to work for an employer actively using technologies like AI, wearables, drones and VR to assist employees. As a tech-native generation, Gen Z is comfortable with digital tools and wants that aspect integrated into their jobs.

While major companies like Amazon are already implementing advanced technologies at scale in warehouses, the article suggests smaller logistics operators can take more measured steps. AI-powered wearables to reduce injuries, vision tools for safer lifting, and inventory management algorithms are examples of valuable but accessible tech investments.

Technology alone may not be enough of a draw, but it complements other factors making logistics roles increasingly attractive to Gen Z:

  • Disillusionment with the need for a 4-year college degree
  • Prioritization of flexible schedules over rigid 9-5 office routines
  • Desire for active roles that don’t involve sitting at a desk all day

To fully overcome negative perceptions, the logistics industry must foster strong workplace cultures that prioritize employee wellbeing, safety and fair compensation. Leading companies are already offering flexible shifts, better pay and implementing safety technologies.

By continuing this culture shift alongside investments in worker-focused technologies, the logistics field can position itself as an enticing career path for Gen Z workers. The time is now for companies to take action before labor shortages become a major crisis.

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