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The supply chain industry is undergoing a seismic shift driven by technological innovation, sustainability pressures, and changing consumer behavior. In their recent whitepaper “Fifteen Supply Chain Jobs of the Future,” global consultancy Capgemini provides a compelling vision of the new roles that will emerge to meet these evolving challenges head-on.

The whitepaper identifies 15 pioneering supply chain positions falling into three key areas: tackling changing times, harnessing the tech revolution, and meeting sustainability expectations. Here’s a look at these future supply chain roles:

Tackling Changing Times

  • Supply Chef – Maintaining a portfolio of alternative and sustainable suppliers
  • Disruption Director – Developing crisis management plans to ensure supply resilience
  • Inefficiency Architect – Identifying inefficiencies and implementing process improvements
  • Head of the Tailor-Made Supply Chain – Overseeing custom product supply chains
  • Supergrid Hero – Coordinating supergrid ecosystems with competitors

Harnessing the Tech Revolution

  • Parameter Pedant – Driving performance by implementing cutting-edge technologies
  • Metaverse Merchandizer – Creating engaging virtual product experiences
  • Bionic Human – Performing physical tasks with wearable exoskeleton devices
  • Up Close and Personal Trainer – Developing augmented reality training programs
  • VTOL Commander – Managing fleets of unmanned delivery drones

Meeting Sustainability Expectations

  • Waste Wealth Manager – Identifying waste reduction and circularity opportunities
  • Chief of Packaging Possibilities – Revolutionizing sustainable product packaging
  • Carbon CapEx Calculator – Analyzing long-term carbon reduction investments
  • Circularity Olympian – Implementing comprehensive circular economy strategies
  • Emissions Materials Thinker – Decarbonizing the entire supply chain value stream

According to Capgemini, investing in these future-focused roles won’t just optimize supply chains, but will elevate an organization’s brand value, improve work conditions, and boost recruitment and retention of top talent.

As the authors state, “Successful businesses are a product of their talent, and supply chains are a key part of it all… Organizations that can redesign their supply chain roles to orchestrate human creativity and innovation with intelligent technology will be ahead of the curve.”

No matter how supply chain roles evolve, the Munayyer Group is here to help match top talent with positions where their skills will thrive. As a premier technology and logistics executive recruiting firm, we are positioned to guide companies and candidates through this transformative era in supply chain management.

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Source: “Fifteen Supply Chain Jobs of the Future” whitepaper by Capgemini

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