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Getting the salary you deserve is an important part of any logistics or technology job search or career advancement. Whether you’re negotiating an initial offer or angling for a raise after years in your current role, it pays to go into those conversations prepared. At the Munayyer Group, our executive recruiters act as trusted advisors coaching candidates through every step – from interviewing to offer negotiations and onboarding. Here are some top tips for negotiating the salary you’re worth:

Research Market Rates

Knowledge is power when it comes to salary talks. Research typical pay ranges for your role, experience level, location, and industry. Sites like Glassdoor, PayScale, and industry associations can give you data to benchmark a fair target compensation.

Highlight Your Value

Make a strong case for why you deserve a higher salary by emphasizing your highly relevant skills, significant accomplishments, outstanding performance reviews, specialized certifications, etc. Quantify your contributions as much as possible with metrics and dollars.

Time Negotiations Strategically

For new job offers, it’s typically best to avoid getting into compensation too early in the process before an employer has had a chance to get excited about your fit. For existing roles, consider negotiating for a raise around the typical review/raise cycle.

Calculate Your Walk-Away Point

Decide your threshold for walking away based on finances, other opportunities, etc. So if the employer can’t meet your target number, you can disengage professionally without burning bridges.

Get it in Writing

Once you agree on a salary, get all details around compensation, benefits, equity, and terms documented in the formal offer letter.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, expertly navigating salary negotiations is a key career skill. The Munayyer Group’s experienced recruiters can coach candidates on building a compelling case and negotiating the maximum compensation package. Contact us to discuss your logistics and technology career goals and aspirations today.

Trust the Munayyer Group for an exceptional executive recruiting experience that fuels your organization’s success.

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